Sponsor Us

Building the robot every year and attending multiple competitions gets costly. Every year we need sponsors to continue to keep our ship afloat. If you would like to sponsor us, view our sponsorship packet here, and contact us here. Please help us to support our team and the community.





Other Services

If you cannot be a sponsor or be a mentor you are not forgotten! We would love if you could provide any services to us, such as a workshop or a room, or anything! Please contact us here to talk with us directly. Any and all services help us continue to support this program.






There are so many factors that contribute to a team besides finances. A mentor provides their time to help our team and anyway we have not mastered yet to help us be more efficient and a better team overall. If you would like to provide our expertise in any field please contact us here. Mentors are always needed!


Sponsorship Resources






Sponsorship Packet – Packet with miscellaneous
information on how to sponsor us