General Information

USFIRST - Home page for the FIRST organization and divisions.
USFIRST – Homepage for the FIRST organization
Chief Delphi - Website where teams can ask and input information to help other people succeed
Chief Delphi – Forum website for all FRC Teams
Blue Alliance - Statistics and information from all FIRST Robotics Competitions
Blue Alliance – General FRC statsistics and info.
Maryville University
Maryville University – Introduction to robotics beyond high school.
Maker Pro – Popular electronic projects website.
EE Power – Popular electronics-related news.
All About Circuits – Popular electronics-knowledge base.



AndyMark - General place to buy components for most robots
AndyMark – Place to buy robotic components
VEX Robotics - Website for all forms of robotics
VEX – Website for all forms of robotics
Harbor Freight - Decent tools for affordable prices
Harbor Freight – Decent tools for affordable prices


Other Team’s Websites Links

Lymbrook Robotics
Lynbrook Robotics
Citrus Circuits
Citrus Circuits