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Our team competes in the First Robotics Challenge (FRC) to build a successful robot and to challenge others from all around the country. We compete in events such as MadTown ThrowDown (Madera) and the Silicon Valley Regionals (SVR). Every year we design a new robot based not the current FRC Challenge announced after Christmas. We continue to thrive in learning after competing on a yearly basis for six week periods to design the most optimal robots possible.







Annually we participate in the FIRST robotics competitions by making new robots. We have built bots designed for a multi-terrain situations, or to shoot and stack objects to score goals.


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MadTown Throwdown



Competition that ranges from using the most recent FIRST competition robots or using robots from past robotics competitions MadTown challenges to use our robots and refine them since their original build.


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Central Valley Regionals



First of the many competitions after the our annual build season, this competition takes our six weeks to perfection to the test and assesses our abilities to work well together as a team.


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San Francisco Regionals


A big competition in one of the most big cities in the United States, San Francisco. Here, we can take our fresh new robot and challenge our build to the extreme in not only a competition near the silicon valley, but in one of the most beautiful places of the world.


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Silicon Valley Regionals



Another of the main FIRST competitions to take our most recently designed and developed robots to the test; the silicon valley regionals is a great competition within the technological center of the world to see what team reigns supreme.


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