What does the robotics team do?

Answer: The Westmont Arrowbotics team designs and develops original robots based off of the FIRST Robotics yearly competition, and not only competes, but teaches the team members and the community basic skills in technology. We encourage both young boys and girls to pursue a career in the STEM careers.


How much time do I have to put into the team if I join?

Answer: As much time you like. The average member attends around 4 sessions per week during the build season. This is probably the minimum time required for continuity and understanding of the team’s plans, actions, and events. We do have events year round (i.e. demonstrations and recruitment) that we encourage to attend.


Are there any requirements needed to join?

Answer: You have to be willing to learn. Any skills and knowledge needed for robotics will be taught by experienced students and mentors on the job or specific training sessions. Westmont Arrowbotics will provide any safety training and parameters while participating as a member of our team.


What are the benefits of joining the program?

Answer: Some benefits of joining the program include: recognition from colleges, scholarships, and obtaining knowledge in design, engineering, and construction.


Will I be actively involved in your team?

Answer: Westmont Arrowbotics involves all members, relying heavily on the new blood and  enthusiasm. You will be put as part or head of subsystem projects if building the robot is a desired activity or handle media or team image.


What does it mean to be part of a FIRST Robotics Team?

Answer: Being a FIRST team we actively participate in the exciting FIRST Robotics Competition annually. However we additionally agree and abide to all of the FIRST rules and regulations for safety and fair competition for all teams.


What are some of the divisions and ways to contribute to the team?

Answer: Our team has several divisions to appeal to a variety of skills that people may contribute to. These divisions consist of the electronics, mechanical, programming, CAD, and website divisions. Anybody may become a part of any of these divisions and prior knowledge is not required, as participants will learn many skills as they actively work on the robot.


How can I join the Westmont Arrowbotics Team?

Answer: To be a part of our team is very easy “process” to go through. Simply come to one of our regular Thursday meetings at Room 16 during lunch to speak with our team and see if you would like to participate. If you are interested let us know there or contact us and we will guide you through the sign up process.


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