2020 Season In Review: Week 1

In the first week of the 2020 build season, our team was able to make significant progress designing and constructing our bot. While our CAD team worked nonstop to model a variety of potential designs—for our intake, climb, and shooter—our team has already begun manufacturing prototypes of the most promising ideas. Here’s a rundown of what everyone has done:

Our code team has been busy introducing rookies to the world of code, giving them a comprehensive look at this important branch of our team. Working closely with them, our electrical team has also been hard at work, having diagrammed all subsystems and are currently working on finalizing designs for the final bot.

The mechanical team has been working on constructing everything from bot prototypes to field elements, ensuring that comprehensive testing will begin as soon as possible. Currently, the are split into two sub-teams, with one working on bot prototypes and the other one working on field elements.

The sub-team working on the bot has completed rudimentary testing of a potential shooter design.

The team working on field elements has finished the construction and assembly of the Power Port element.

Here we see the 1st test of a shooter prototype.

Additionally, the Public Relations and Fundraising teams are continuing to receive grants and and are responsing to applications, while also confirming outreach events for the season. All in all, we have had a productive first week that will ensure another successful season.

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