2019 Week In Review: Week 5

As the build season nears its end, team members are working harder than ever to begin the finishing touches on the robot. The elevator still remains on the bot, albeit in a more finalized form, and the electrical board and climber mechanisms have also been added. Every sub-team is racing against the clock to finish before stop build day, a process undoubtedly leading to the creation of some creative solutions to encountered obstacles.

The programming team is finalizing subsystem code, refining any mistakes found in the code.

The CAD team is also hard at work, both changing dimensions to fit any adjustments to the bot and confirming designs for subsystems.

The mechanical team is building the subsystems that will go on the bot; multiple individuals are hard at work.




The Public Relations and Fundraising teams are also continuing to receive grants and responses to applications, while also confirming outreach events for the post- and off-season. Overall, all of Arrowbotics is working efficiently to construct a well-rounded and highly functioning robot.

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