2019 Week In Review: Week 3

As our third week of build has finished, the robot nears its completion as various facets of build are in full swing. Our black chassis has received new additions in the form of an electrical board, added to aid Programming in their quest to make a highly functioning vision code. The mechanical team is putting their finishing touches on the field elements while also building soon-to-be tested prototypes of various subsystems, ranging from a climber to the so-called “combo arms”. While the bot is on its path to completion, the team’s productivity is ever-rising.

The Programming Team is finalizing code for vision-based subsystems while also testing and tuning PID (a method to decrease amounts of error).

The electrical team has made significant progress, and just have the finishing touches left to complete.

The CAD team is busy on the computer, designing new parts for the robot.




Finally, the Public Relations and Fundraising teams have received grants from various companies, and planned more outreach events throughout the season. Our entire Team 3482 has worked hard to accomplish our goals throughout week 3, resulting in amazing progress for our robot.

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