2019 Week In Review: Week 1

As our first week of designing and prototyping designs has finished, our new members are beginning to discover their new found skills. The CAD team is working around the clock to finish modeling our designs and prototypes, while the mechanical team is working to make those models a reality. The sub-teams have finished most of the prototypes and are now testing them with code in the electrical system.

Programming Team is testing prototypes on the electrical test board.

The electrical team is busy finalizing a design for the electrical board on the bot.

The new members are busy finishing up the field elements for testing.




The CAD team is also working on the finalized model of the robot and are constantly editing for new prototypes. Finally, the web team has been busy developing the website’s WebOSX 10.6 to improve the website’s compatibility with different platforms. Our entire team 3482 has worked together to start off the build season with a fantastic productive week.