Robotics with NVIDIA

My name is Prat Prem Sankar and I have been the VP of Engineering for Team 3482 for the past 3 years and recently I had a unique robotics internship experience at NVIDIA during the latter half of the year 2016. Year after year I always sought new ways and innovative technology to help improve our team for the next season. This was how I discovered Jetson’s Deep Learning and from the minute I learned about the possibilities of this technology I knew I had to learn more about it. During the internship I built humanoids using a Jetson TX1 module and thanks to my experience from my robotics team I was able successfully integrate advanced computer vision with 22 servos to create a soon-to-be rock wall climbing robot. Now I have brought my experience back with me to help the team integrate the Jetson with our robot to help use color tracking to help align our shots and take our team to the next level.

Learn more at Nvidia’s Official Blog here.